King's Telemessaging provides a fully customizable range of live operator and automated systems so you can create the service that's right for your business and your budget. Custom rate packages are available, and as your business grows, you can change your rate with just a phone call. At King's, we never require our clients to sign long-term contracts. All of our customers continue to use our services because they're happy, not because they're contractually obligated to us.

Whether you're considering telemessaging services for commercial, medical, or professional use, we offer a wide array of options to suit your needs.

Live Operators

There's no way to overstate the importance of live agents to the quality of your customer or client's experience. In a recent Consumer Reports survey, 75% of respondents ranked "Can't get a human on the phone" as "tremendously irritating" - the most infuriating level of customer service issues. In very limited circumstances will an automated phone system or web service ever be able to replace contact with a real person - especially in dealing with critical or emergency situations. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are trained to the highest industry standards - many of them ATSI-certified. This means not only are your callers consistently left with a more pleasant and professional impression of your organization, day or night, but you can be sure your messages will be taken and relayed more accurately than if you relied solely on your callers' ability to select the correct option from a phone menu, or leave complete and detailed information in a voicemail recording.

Advanced Automated Services

In those select circumstances when automation is preferable, we also offer robust voicemail and voice messaging systems, that can be used by themselves or alongside our live operator service. Automation can be a cost-effective method of offering callers a way to leave routine messages or quickly obtain the information they need. Additionally, recorded call pre-screening is available, so your callers can choose to leave a message, or transfer to a live agent for emergencies or urgent calls.

Time-Critical Emergency Dispatch

After working for over half a century hand-in-hand with the medical community, everything we do is based around getting important information into the hands of the people that need it with as little delay as possible. That makes us uniquely suited to receive and dispatch time-critical messages for a wide variety of industries - whether that's a patient emergency, an oilfield alarm, an urgent service request, or just your daily wakeup call.

Message Delivery and Retrieval Options

With King's, you decide what's best from a wide range of message delivery options. In addition to having a live agent call you and verbally deliver messages, we can send transcribed messages by email, text message, or fax to your office, smartphone, or pager. Our agents are additionally able to utilize any existing internet-based communication methods you have, including online ticketing systems or web storefronts. We also offer a variety of HIPAA-compliant messaging options, including a secure messaging app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, email encryption, and an online message retrieval center you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Confidential and Secure

Medical professionals and other organizations that deal with confidential patient information are bound by federal regulations, known as HIPAA laws, to do everything possible to protect that information. At King's, we meet, and in many cases, exceed these requirements. All of our agents undergo training related to the practical application of HIPAA/HITECH, as well as our own standards of privacy; and every employee is required to enter into a strict confidentiality agreement. Continual system-wide technology upgrades ensure we're able to comply with any federal regulations changes. And your information - as well the information from your customers, clients, or callers - will never, under any circumstances, be sold or otherwise intentionally divulged to any third parties.

Extensive Record-Keeping

Once we've taken and delivered a message, our responsibility to our clients doesn't end there. We retain voice recordings of the actual telephone conversation as well as the agents' written message summary indefinitely, as well as timestamped records of all the actions we take on your behalf. Whether you need information on a conversation from a week ago or a year ago, it's kept on file and available for your review*.

Remarkable Reliability

We know all of our services would be useless if they weren't available when you needed them. Because of that, our comprehensive disaster recovery planning includes environmentally-friendly on-site power generation, redundant database servers, multiple simultaneous data and voice connections, 24-hour data center monitoring, offsite backups; and in the event that our building is inaccessible, our agents have the ability to perform their duties from cloud-based workspaces. The end result for our clients is that we're able to offer reliable continuous service even through unfortunate circumstances - we can be our best when things are at their worst.